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“Now, God, in all generations has had His servant and His prophet, or His message, somewhere in the earth going at all times. God has never been without a witness. And in every generation they received a witness of God. And then, if the people received that witness, then that is a golden age for that generation. If they turn that witness down, then it is a dark age for that generation. Now, God had done a great thing in the days of Solomon. And we all know, as readers of the blessed Word, that that age of Solomon was considered the golden age of Israel. They built the temple. The whole world paid them tribute. And the reign of Solomon, which was a foreshadow of Christ, the Son of David. And notice, God gave Solomon a gift of discernment, and all of the nation, the entire economy of Israel, all believed that with one accord: everywhere, every place, on every lip, “Oh, God has visited us with a great gift.” And that’s the reason the nation prospered.

Now, would it not be great today, if we, the people of God, would accept the Gift of God that He sent us, that is, the Holy Ghost? If we would only, with one accord, if this whole nation would accept Christ, the Holy Ghost, the Gift that God has sent us, and there would be no denominational barriers between us, and we’d be one heart, and one accord, I’d say, “Brother, it would be better protection than all of the bombs, that any scientist could create.” We would be–have a protection, and our protection would be made out of feathers, for under His wings, we would be abiding just as safely as we could be, if the nation would just accept it. But how can we get the message across when we’re all divided, and in different notions, and guns trained on each other, and–and that’s what makes it hard.”

Bro. William Branham
The Queen Of Sheba, Harrisonburg, VA, 3/13/1958

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